Five Biggest Digital Advertising Trends For 2018

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The marketing industry is evolving quite fast. And, the fact that every consumer has a smartphone brings even more curiosity that how the digital advertising industry is going to operate in the upcoming years.

The continuous disruption in the marketing industry made us sit with industry experts to find out what trends are expected to be seen in 2018.

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Mobile Speculation:

As everyone is carrying a smartphone these days, the future version of the smartphone is going to differ from what it is today. There might be an enhanced version of smart glasses or an atomized experience that would make you wear various mobile components in different parts of the body. Or, voice commands would be one of the prime ways consumers interact with. As we approach mobile saturation, one thing is certain that mobile experience needs to be changed, and along with that the way digital marketing industry operates.


Artificial Intelligence Popularity

Till now marketing platforms used to collect and store consumer related information, and create custom messages to address their needs. But if we believe Adobe, advances in Artificial Intelligence will allow marketers to engage with consumers even more effectively as the software will analyse data and target consumers based on their behaviours.

So in order to prep for an advanced behavioural marketing, take our advice, and start using artificial-intelligence-powered live chat tools like Drift and Intercom to communicate with your prospects. As this technology is expected to grow by 53% in upcoming years, it is likely that more brands will adopt this technology to engage with their consumers.   


Growth of Influencer Marketing:

As beauty and clothing brands have seen huge success thanks to influencer marketing, now brands like Amazon are up to incorporate it as one of their digital marketing strategies. According to, influencer marketing helps businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested. And as consumers are recommending products and services via social media platforms, brands are likely to make them a part of their marketing experience, for sure!   

Think how user-generated content of Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke campaign and Starbucks’ White Cup Contest allowed consumers to share their brand story. Also, as Amazon added a self-service tool to its influencer program. These are signs of how impactful this strategy is. According to research, it’s been observed that 95% of marketers are happy while adopting this influencer marketing strategy. And, we believe the number of marketers are going to grow only.  


Ad-Support Formats:

Millions of consumers block ads every day, and it’s a big disappointment for digital advertisers like you as they are going to continue doing this. But, don’t freak out! And, listen to what our experts are going to tell you.

As you want to reach out to consumers and tell your brand story, platforms like Facebook has come up with ways how to disable ad-blocking on their sites. Also, Accenture started working on a product placement technology that will address different issues faced by advertisers through their ad-blocking software. So, cheers!


Data Protection

With huge amount of data breaches in 2017, there’s been a great impact on how consumers engage with brands when it comes to their data security and online privacy. And as such attacks continue to grow, smart digital marketers need to use data security and privacy protection as a value proposition while marketing their products or services.



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