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Machine learning refers to the ability of a machine or software to learn or predict new information without being programmed. Machine learning is an aspect of Artificial Intelligence, because it focuses on independent data gathering, analysis and command execution.  Human beings interpret and respond to new situations or things based on previous experiences and knowledge. Just like the human brain, machine learning enables machines to respond intelligently based on stored data and commands.

Is machine learning applicable in the real world? Yes, it is. Facebook contains thousands of algorithms that analyze your interactions, and use gathered data to provide friend suggestions and suggested pages that match your personal interests. Commercial Banks use sophisticated software that relies on machine learning to detect credit card fraud and hacking. Your smartphone’s text prediction feature is another example of real life applications of machine learning.

How was this review created?

The online-based machine learning courses in this article were selected using the following criteria

1. Clarity of machine learning workflows - A machine learning workflow is a structure that organizes the steps involved in data analysis and command execution. The courses in this list contain sufficient diagrams which are clear and simplified.

2. The scope of machine learning techniques and algorithms - all courses that made it to this list provide in-depth coverage on important topics such as Vectors, Calculus, Regression, and Algorithm structures.

3. Programming tools used in the course - in machine learning, a programming tool enables the student to write new lines of code and test their applications. Most online-based machine learning courses highlighted in this list use Python as the main computer programming language.

4. The depth of content - the content offered is suitable for both novice computer programmers and seasoned professionals.

5. The frequency of enrollments - An excellent online-based course usually attracts high demand. The courses listed have more than two intakes in the same year.

6. Level of interaction with the trainer - Effective learning requires real-time interaction. This is why we’ve made sure to provide a list of courses where you can interact with the trainers via social media and Skype.

A list of ideal online-based machine learning courses

1. Machine Learning - Stanford University

Andrew Ng, the founder of Google Brain, launched this online course in 2011. Students are required to commit to an eleven-week timetable. Andrew’s machine learning course stands out because it dedicates an entire two weeks to understanding machine deep learning. Student assessment is conducted in form of online quizzes and multiple choice questions after every daily lesson.

2. Machine Learning - Columbia University

This free online course mainly focuses on machine learning workflows and algorithms. Students are required to actively participate in two-hour lessons every day. Professor John Paisley, the founder of this course offers extensive help in coding, linear algebra, probability, and statistics. In order to join this course, you need some basic understanding of Python, Octave or MATLAB.

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3. Machine Learning A-Z - Udemy

Udemy is a fantastic platform for reliable and affordable online-based courses. Kirill Eremenko and the SuperDataScience Team assist students in understanding and designing machine learning workflow charts. This training is ideal for computer programming students who need professional help in designing reliable machine learning models.

4. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Boot Camp - Udemy

Jose Portilla, the creator of this highly practical machine learning course is a prolific mechanical engineer and programming instructor. In this course, students learn how to use Python programming language to implement machine algorithms and create solutions to everyday challenges. Jose Portilla’s course is suitable for individuals who have a fair grasp of programming.

5. Data Science and Machine Learning Boot Camp with R - Udemy

One benefit of enrolling for this course is that you receive over 17 hours of video tutorials. The brain behind this course is none other than Jose Portilla. Since its launch, this online-based machine learning course has attracted approximately 16,000 students. Some topics covered include creating data visualizations, using R for web scraping, using R for data analysis, and matrices.

6. Machine Learning Series Lazy Programmer

Lazy Programmer is an experienced computer science university professor based in America.  In this course, students learn how to use linear programming to create machine learning applications. The Machine Learning series consists of 19 courses ranked according to advancement in programming. Lazy Programmer requires that all students should possess some practical experience with Python before enrolling for the Machine Learning Series.

7. Machine Learning - Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech currently offers machine learning as part of its online Master’s degree program. Students who enroll for this course learn how to create effective solutions using Unsupervised and Reinforcement machine learning methods. The total course constitutes 19 topics and students can complete the training at their own pace.

8. Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HD - Insight

Microsoft created this online course as part of its Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Big Data. The trainers teach students how to create effective machine learning workflow models that are suitable for big data. Learning Spark is required to run all code created using Python. Microsoft trainers have set the course as self-paced.

9. Machine Learning Engineer Nano degree - Udacity

If you’re looking for a course where you receive fast responses to your questions, then you should enroll for the Machine Learning Engineer nano degree. The content taught in this course is suitable for computer scientists and mechanical engineers. Students who love the practical side of computer science will enjoy learning how to create machine learning models for virtually all industries.

10.  Scala and Spark for Big Data and Machine Learning - Jose Portilla of Udemy

Big data refers to datasets containing large volumes of information that require processing. In this course, Jose Portilla will teach you the basics of Scala programming. Students also learn how to read and change data using Spark 2.0 data frames. This course also has a topic on how to use Data brick for Big Data analysis purposes.

11. Introductory Machine Learning - California Institute of Technology

Professor Yasser Abu-Mostafa teaches machine learning in the California Institute of Technology. Fortunately, he made the course available for online students who require guidance in creating algorithms, machine learning models, and advanced topics such as creating applications to predict stock market performance, or population growth rates for cities.

12. Machine Learning Specialization - University of Washington

The requirements for enrolling on this comprehensive online course are knowledge in programming, and $474 dollars. Note that the registration fee rises and falls at different times of the year. You’ll learn how Amazon and Netflix come up with personalized suggestions for each member, using previously collected data.

13. Machine Learning for Trading - Georgia Tech

Are you looking for a highly rated self-paced online-based machine learning course? Georgia Tech's Machine Learning for Trading enables part-time students to create data structures and algorithms used in international financial securities markets. The trainers teach students how to create reliable solutions for real-life data mining challenges.

14. Deep Learning explained by Microsoft

Deep learning focuses on the behavior of algorithms based on the structure of artificial neural networks. Software developers use deep learning principles to create software that provides accurate solutions using human logic. Students who understand Python programming have an added advantage.

15.  Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach - University of Washington

In this lesson, trainers use real life scenarios to help students create suitable machine learning applications. For instance, machine learning software that can predict the future prices of houses based on current inflation and mortgage rates.

Finding a comprehensive online-based machine learning course can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. We provide a list of highly-rated machine learning courses for computer programmers and data scientists.

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