Effective Product Sourcing Research Resources

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When it comes to product sourcing, it is imperative that you do your research in all aspects. You just cannot afford to be left holding the bag on this issue. Doing so may cost you your business reputation and customers.

Effective product sourcing research can be done in multiple ways. There are many resources for doing so. You must take advantage of all of them if necessary, if you want to save yourself from problems later on.

1.     Trade Shows

You need to attend all the trade shows that take place in your locale. You should also attend international trade shows if you can. Events of this nature will enable you to take advantage of networking opportunities that exist.

Trade shows feature numerous exhibitors that all offer unique products. You will be exposed to multiple products available in your business niche. To make matters even better, the shows offer you the chance to compare the prices of the products that you are interested in. You will be able to gain adequate insight into the best product sources that will be suitable for your business use.

2.     Trade Publications

Trade publications include both online and printed published works that contain product sourcing information related to your business industry. These are usually one of the cheaper resources available for product sourcing research. They may feature information about upcoming trade show events or reviews of the latest products available in your niche market.

3.     Business-to-business Portals

There are many business-to-business portals available for product sourcing research. These online portals usually provide a genuine platform for both buyers and sellers of products.

You can make use of online B2B portals to access information about the available wholesale suppliers and manufacturers who may help you get the products that you want. Since most B2B portals usually take time to verify the parties that they list, the leads that you get there are likely to be good.

4.     Search Engine Research

If you want to go it alone in finding the right source of products for your business, you can always try to do search engine research.

Search engines can be used to find out genuine possibilities. You can find wholesale suppliers or manufacturers by utilizing industry-specific keywords and location.

Other details that you should consider verifying when doing search engine research include the reputation of the product sources. Read customer reviews and testimonials. In addition, check out the Better Business Bureau ratings of the wholesalers and manufacturers that you want to work with. You can also obtain the contacts of the local chamber of commerce and inquire for information about the product sources that interest you.

Search engines do give you greater control over the parameters that you use to find suitable product sources. However, this research resource will require you to expend a lot of energy in finding the answers that you seek.


There is no doubt that you have plenty of resources that you can utilize before you identify the best product sources for your business. Some of them will be costlier than others are. Other resources will be more labor intensive. It is therefore a must that you get accurate information during the course of your research because it will make or break your business.

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