Young Website Developer Finds the Perfect Opportunity in Trying Times

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Nothing compared to Ebrahim Hassan’s enthusiasm for computer-related projects. The Egyptian website and game developer’s interest in computers began six years ago when he spent several hours playing a multiplayer online game.

To fully enjoy the game, players opted to install features using a programming language called Pawn. Ebrahim looked into Pawn and found out that it was no walk in the park.

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“I didn't understand anything about programming languages back then. But after doing some research, I found out what programming was and how to get started. Learning Pawn played a major role as I transitioned to C#, C++, and other advanced programming languages. I also transitioned to learning website development and design,” shared Ebrahim.

After learning programming’s nitty-gritty, Ebrahim built a programming and web development team, The State Studio, along with his cousin and a friend. The team’s main goal back then was to gain experience from their part-time projects. They rarely made money from the services they offered.

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Since Egypt was experiencing an economic crisis, Ebrahim, at 16 years old, turned his part-time gig to an income-generating business by looking for clients who were willing to pay for their services. It would provide the means to support his family’s everyday expenses.

However, Ebrahim struggled in gaining traction because he didn’t have a network that could give him regular projects. Fortunately, his sister told him to find projects on Ebrahim decided that Freelancer was the best option after he compared it with other similar platforms.

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“I choose Freelancer over local options and similar platforms because it connects you to clients. It’s not rocket science. You simply post your bid and your proposal, then wait for a response,” said Ebrahim.

The Best Place to Find Work

Ebrahim hit the ground running. He signed up, completed his profile, and started bidding on projects. Employers began reaching out to him and not long after, he was awarded his first project. Things have been smooth sailing since then.

One challenge Ebrahim faced was managing his time as a student and as an entrepreneur. All his time away from assignments were spent managing The State. He takes pride in his five-star rating and perfect scores in job completion, budget-friendliness, and punctuality.

He recalled a website redesign project for a music website he did during his first few months on Freelancer. He was tasked to redesign the website’s header and footer, while also adding music player plugins and an album promotion section. The employer was strict with the three-day deadline and expected top quality output.

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Instead of shying away from the challenge, Ebrahim accepted the job and completed it in eight hours. This became one of his most unforgettable projects on the platform.

Once Ebrahim completed the project, his employer released the US$250 remuneration through Freelancer Milestone Payments. Aside from the promised amount, Ebrahim also received a US$250 bonus.

“The most useful feature is the Milestone Payment system. With it, freelancers can start working without having to worry about the client’s payment,” said Ebrahim.

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The employer continues to award Ebrahim more jobs until now and has already spent about US$3,000 on these recurring projects.

Investing in the Future

Ebrahim spends his earnings on paying some bills and other necessities. A portion of his earnings is allocated to The State’s growth. He buys authentic products such as software licenses, laptops, books, etc.

After a year on Freelancer, Ebrahim’s company has grown. It now has 10 members that work on various projects. From time to time, they even employ other freelancers to work on small scale time-consuming projects.

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At the mere age of 17, Ebrahim has pioneered his own company and shared his family’s burdens during trying times. Despite his accomplishments, he continued to strive for his company’s growth and family’s well being.

Freelancer played a vital role in the company’s success. It opened a lot of opportunities for Ebrahim and The State to grow. With the effort he exerts and the countless opportunities offers, he’s bound to reach even greater heights.

Are you planning to revamp your website? Let Ebrahim lead the way.

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