Do More Things Better with the Latest Freelancer App Update

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New features. Better user experience. Still the same app.

We have just released the latest versions of the Freelancer mobile app on both iOS (version 2.2.0) and Android (version 2.4.0). Search and post projects, hire freelancers, post a contest, and upgrade projects all in one place -- with just a few taps.

If you haven’t updated to the latest version yet, here are some notable improvements on the app.

The New Dashboard

You can now search and post projects via the new dashboard. Clicking the floating button (+ sign) opens the project categories. Tap the one you’d like to post a project for. Your account balance and active projects are also prominently displayed. And yes, it’s an even more dashing dashboard. Love the new look?


Post a Contest

Got a design work? You can now choose to post either a project or a contest for it. When you post a contest, you get designs from multiple freelancers but you pay only for the best entry. Do this by clicking either the ‘Design’ or the ‘Start a Contest’ button on the project category board.

Contest Question.pngPost Contest.png

Project Upgrades

Get upgrades to make the most out of new posted projects. This function is also accessible via the project view page.

Upgrades.pngUpgrade Card.png

Sidebar Features

What’s new on the sidebar? The latest update allows you to check your notifications. Another significant improvement for employers is you can now browse freelancers from this menu.


Search and Hire Freelancers

It’s now easier for employers to find the right freelancer for the job. You can filter the results by username, skills, hourly rate, or country.


The good news doesn’t end there. Now, employers can also hire freelancers straight from the directory! How? Just tap on the freelancer’s profile and click the HireMe button.

Hire Swipe.png

Here’s how it is when tapped:

iOS update7b.png

Before we wrap this up, you might be meaning to ask this earlier on. Does this version support the 3D Touch on iPhone 6S? Yes. Take a look:

iOS update1.png


We’d love to hear your thoughts on this release. Email us at | for your feedback and suggestions.

Work anywhere, anytime with the Freelancer mobile app! Download it now on Google Play or the App Store and take Freelancer with you.

Freelancer android app.png Freelancer iOS app.png

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