Building Brand Identity for a Small Business

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Branding is a big factor that can drive business success, and it is as essential for small businesses as it is for multinationals. The secret to business success is to appeal to consumers, which is best realized through building solid positive brand reputations. Proper branding is much more than colorful logos or catchy slogans. Branding is also expressed in the way you define your business, the team behind the amazing innovations, and its effect to external audiences. It has very little to do with how the business appears, but more about its true identity and the values that govern its operations. It's important for small businesses to be cautious as they strive to build their brand identities because it can safely be said that the brand identity is the business.

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Before you even embark on the humongous task of building solid brands, it is important to point out that most customers today are well-informed and will easily detect any efforts by most companies to surface-shine products or services and attempt to lure customers their way. Note that competition is stiff and you really have to stand out to realize sales. If you can appeal to customers’ emotions, it shows that you share similar brand values and beliefs. As a result, you will record higher sales and differentiate your brand from the rest. In the long run, you can enjoy brand loyalty and maintain your price points even when competitors flood the market with “unbeatable” promotional discounts.

To help you realize the above, consider the following tips for your small business.

Define Your Brand Clearly

What products or services do you offer? Do you see any spaces in the market that you can occupy? Proceed and conduct some research to identify and understand any customers’ emotive and rational needs and concerns. Differentiate yourself from the market, cultivate personal connections with your customers, and effectively promote the business through your brand character.

See Your Brand as a Person

A person’s personality is characterized by beliefs, morals, and life purpose. A person’s behavior is defined by their actions in various circumstances, like the way they dress, how they maintain relationships, and almost everything else about them. Unlike people who don’t really bother about their character, understanding your brand will help you improve on all aspects of the business.

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Think Long-term

Business success cannot be realized in a day or weeks; it is a process that takes time. Think about the purpose of your business and any possible brand heroes for ideal brand positioning. After that, mull over ways in which you can build long-term relationships with your customers. You cannot establish long-lasting relationships through falsehood. Understand your company and deliver the brand promise.

Consistency Pays

In your communication with the customers, be consistent. Doing this will strengthen your business’ character, while clearly defining the value being offered to the customers. Build a coherent identity through consistency, and avoid copying from other players.

Get Creative

Activate your creativity and be bold with your messaging. Branding is like faith; if you believe in it, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. However, you should remain conscious to the ever-changing customer needs and adjust when necessary.

Building a strong brand is a demanding process. The competition might be high, but you should always strive to stand out from the rest.


Publié 6 juillet, 2015


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