11 Best Wedding Photography Tutorials

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Whether you aspire to being a professional photographer, or you just have a friend’s big day coming up, the wedding photo is one you really don’t want to mess up. You’re capturing magical memories that will be shared for years to come - no pressure, then!

Check out these tutorials to make sure you help create a day to remember.


Wedding Photography – 21 Tips for for Amateur Wedding Photographers

This is a good all-round intro to the whole concept of wedding photography. After all, creating the perfect picture is not just about holding up a camera and pressing a button. This tutorial offers tips on pre-wedding planning, directing a chaotic family scene, location and preparation, before moving on to the more technical details of the day.


Your Best Friend’s Wedding

If you’ve been asked to be the official photographer for your best friend’s big day - do not panic! This handy list is for the amateurs out there, and it hands you the keys to making things go smoothly. You are reminded of the things you’ll need to catch, the things to avoid, and - crucially - the preparation you should do before things kick off. It even comes with a handy word of warning at the end, in case you’re in any doubt about the importance of the task you’re about to undertake.


Stepping into Wedding Photography

This is an excellent 5-point list that comprehensively packs in things you need to know. Aimed at those of you seriously considering getting into the business, these points tell you what’s most important to get started (preparation and lenses, FYI), before offering tips on how to keep progressing and staying on top of your career.


Wedding Photography Survival Tips: The Preparation

This tutorial is aimed specifically at first-timers (though the advice in there is useful for anyone who can’t yet claim to be a seasoned pro). Again, preparation is key. The importance of shot schedules and shot lists are explained, which is useful for someone who might never have considered their importance before - or even that such things exist. There are also details that seem obvious and yet have the potential to be overlooked, such as having certain key phone numbers to hand for when the wedding schedule goes awry.


The One Location Technique for Wedding Photography

Location, location, location. So important to any photoshoot, and often crucial at weddings. Couples often choose a venue based on the scenery, because they know they’ll get spectacular photos at the end of it.

This tutorial walks you through the ways to get the best out of a single location. The key is light - and a window. Learn how to take detail shots, improve a background and why you should carry different cloth textures with you. It offers hints on creating artistic interest, and showcases (with photos) how one location can give you everything you need for a great ‘shoot.


Wedding Photography Agreements (contracts)

Photographing weddings is not all about capturing beautiful shots, and making memories for other people. It is - or will be - your business and livelihood, so there are things you need to understand in order to be a success. Some are obvious - you need equipment, and talent, and a brand. Some less so, and this tutorial deals with a very important one - the Contract.

Quite simply, you need to be protected from liability, and you need clear expectations laid out between you and your clients. This tutorial takes you through what a contract should consist of, the details that need to be included, and why they’re necessary for both you and your clients’ protection.


Sample Wedding Photography Agreement 

Further to the post above, this is a sample wedding agreement. While you’d need to adjust details to fit your own specific business and requirements, it’s a handy reference point for the types of things that should be included. 


5 Wedding Photography Composition Tips

Ahhh, the heart of the matter. The money shot(s). The thing that’s really going to make or break your portfolio, your success, and the bride and groom’s big day.

We all know the big composed shots that are absolutely vital - first kiss as man and wife, first dance, the big family shot, best man and bridesmaids. Composition is key to making these moments shine, and not something you can afford to overlook. This tutorial points out what you need to look for, the techniques you need to use and some neat tricks to get unique shots the happy couple will love.


6 Steps to Edit and Deliver Wedding Photographs in One Day

Work smart, not hard. it’s a concept beloved in business, and why not in photography as well? This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to getting through everything that needs to be done post-wedding, and how to be efficient about it. It’ll probably take some practice to get this smooth but hey, you’ve got a career ahead of you to hone your skills.


YouTube RoundUp: Best Wedding Photography Tutorials/Tips

All these tutorials are great, but here’s a few more that have the added assistance of video. You can see how established photographers make the wedding rings stand up for the perfect shot, how to be more efficient when coming up to a wedding shoot, and which photos you absolutely must get from the reception.


The Ultimate Guide on Wedding Photography

The title’s not bragging if it’s true. Potentially, at least. This post basically walks you through the job, told by actual wedding photographers. It not only explains the things you need to do, and learn, it talks about the essence of the job. Why it can be joyous, why it’s so important to people. Weddings are, after all, about happiness and good times - things that must be captured in the photographs, but can also be enjoyed as an integral part of a photographer’s career.

So there you have it! Nothing’s going to beat on-the-job experience, but these will give you a great base to start from.


Have you got any tips on wedding photography? Let us know in the comments below!

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