15 JavaScript Libraries To Check Out This Year

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If you are a JavaScript designer or developer looking for X factor, have you looked into implementing JavaScript libraries? They can help you find your edge. However, there are so many frameworks now available now it is hard to know which ones you should take seriously. Luckily, we have taken the time to filter the best JavaScript libraries to take your development game to a whole new level. 

These 15 JavaScript libraries will help you transcend your development and provide an enhanced experience for your end users. We will show you the best frameworks to improve your efficiency and produce an end product that wows users.


1. Slick

Slick is one of the most well known JavaScript libraries. This smooth framework provides unparalleled carousel solutions. Slick is famous for its impeccable responsiveness and limitless preferences.

Another huge plus of the Slick library is its integration with mobile devices. Slick has the potential to stack carousels to suit the particular effect you are looking to create. Unearth Slick’s endless possibilities.


2. TweenJS

TweenJS is a straightforward, easy to use JavaScript library. It is a formidable tool for animating and tweening JavaScript and HTML5. It is a fantastic framework for developers looking to encourage user interaction.  

Check out why TweenJS is so widely craved as a tweening tool and discover how far you can take your animation abilities. This framework has the ability to work in an integrated fashion with EaselJS or as a stand-alone tool.


3. Webix

Webix UI JavaScript library is a real frontrunner for developers and designers alike. It is an ingenuous framework that allows developers to construct plush UI utilizing only minimal code. Furthermore, it is constructed in such an amazing manner that it is easy to use for beginners and advanced developers.

Webix has a compact nature that makes it incredibly efficient for quick operation. Check out the possibilities that can be created with the Webix framework.


4. Flexdatalist

This JavaScript library is a must have for any website building that involves the use of forms. We all know how mundane and time consuming it can be to complete forms. In many scenarios users will turn away from using a site or application because it involves the cumbersome and humdrum process of providing information.

Flexdatalist simplifies this process for users. It can suggest autocompletes for a whole raft of geographical information and makes the procedure entirely painless for users. Check out what all the fuss is about.


5. Premonish

Premonish is an active new JavaScript library that is based upon its incredible ability to anticipate user behaviour, constructed on mouse movement and patterns. This remarkable ability to anticipate behaviour allows developers the opportunity to generate simulation prompts. 

The results can be brilliant and add wow factor to the user experience, whilst also adding efficiency and direction to development. Stand out from the crowd with Premonish.


6. Hammer.js

Hammer is a JavaScript library that is aptly named to provide touch support. It is a framework that is made to help create a user experience that is based on sensation.

It is a niche JavaScript library that can show beautifully how mobile applications and programmes respond to touch. If you are a developer operating in this evolutionary space check out all you need to know about Hammer.


7. Meteor

Meteor is a prodigious prototype JavaScript library with fantastic integration ability. The easiness of Meteor also allows developers to extract further efficiency from their code, saving valuable time and effort - and will save clients in their back pocket as well!

Furthermore, Meteor assimilates well with a large majority of JavaScript instruments making it a must have for developers working on all types of devices. Find out why Meteor is a winner here.


8. Webpack

Bundling applications can become a time-consuming exercise. Webpack is a streamlined and simple method to bundle JavaScript applications. It achieves simplicity by maintaining code in an uncomplicated manner.

It is extremely useful for the latest JavaScript applications and it is a must have for its ability to collect your. Discover how Webpack is a frontrunner framework of 2017.


9. Choreographer-js

Complex animations are becoming an increasingly important weapon in any developers’ arsenal. This is especially true with the manner and pace that applications are evolving, across devices and platforms.

Choreographer-js is a humble JavaScript library capable of animating CSS. It has an uncomplicated framework that helps developers build intricate animations. Absorb all you need to know and discover how you can create your own dynamic animations.


10. Babel

Babel is a well-established JavaScript compiler. This library utilizes minimalism and austerity allowing developers to use next generation JavaScript with no delay of browser support.

It achieves this speed and efficiency through the use of well-designed and intelligent syntax transformers. Learn what Babel is all about.


11. Mocha

Everybody can appreciate the fact that the technology industry is pretty much created on caffeine. It is no surprise that a JavaScript library has surfaced that pays homage in some way to a delightful caffeinated brew. Mocha specializes in the ability to map and accurately document the way developer’s test.

Similar to a most JavaScript frameworks it operates with simplicity and is enjoyable to use making it a great asset for budding developers seeking to deepen their knowledge. Drink in all Mocha has to offer.


12. Choo

Choo is a fantastic JavaScript front-end library. It is the perfect tool for developers of all abilities. Its minimalism and uncomplicatedness makes it a great framework for beginners to acquire a decent handle of front-end development.

Choo is not limited to beginners. It is also a handy tool for experienced developers because of the speed and efficiency that is created through its modular core. Uncover more about Choo.


13. Chart

Developers often neglect formatting and Info graphics – to a point where the effect is either nullified or ruined. Chart.js is a JavaScript library that allows developers to augment sophisticated charts to their site developments.

It is a framework that allows the clean, crisp creation and display data in a stimulating fashion with the use of animation as an added bonus. Up your chart game with Chart.js.


14. Shave

The name of this JavaScript library provides a great indication of its capabilities. This framework has the uncanny ability to allow text to be ‘shaved’ inside the element, shaving off excess text whilst still producing results.

The cleverness of shave does not stop there. The extra test that is ‘shaved off’ is stowed in a concealed element. Essentially, the text used at the beginning is not lost down the rabbit hole so the developer can access it easily if necessary. Find out how Shave can increase your efficiency.


15. Three.js

3D design is continuing to prosper in the technological space. Three.js is a great JavaScript library to add some depth and magic to your development projects. Everybody loves a site or application that shows complexity and intricacy through design.

Three.js helps you create developments with character with a strong framework base that will increase your creativity and efficiency in this niche.

Up skill using Three.js.


What JavaScript libraries do you use? And what JavaScript frameworks would you recommend to fellow developers and designers? Tell us which is your favorite and add to the discussion below

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