A common concern of parents when buying clothes for their babies is how they spend too much time (and money) in purchasing items which their children would only wear for a couple of months. Andrea Pereira, a 31-year-old architect from Buenos Aires, Argentina, shared the same sentiment.


She knew how difficult it could be to shop for baby clothes because of how quickly babies outgrow them. A lot of her friends shared their own shopping experiences. Thinking of other parents out there, Andrea thought of a solution -- ‘Tu Perchita’.


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Building ‘Tu Perchita’

‘Tu Perchita’ or ‘Your Hanger’ is an online store that sells children’s clothing, accessories, and toys. The items sold on the website have prices lower than the prices in malls and other brick and mortar stores. They sell less expensive and branded items that are all of the good quality.


Not only can you purchase clothing on the site, but also sell your items too. You can sell new or slightly used clothing, accessories, and toys. “With ‘Tu Perchita’, you free up space at home, help the environment, and obtain additional profit,” said Andrea. Customers are assured that all slightly used clothing go through an intensive inspection and verification process to ensure that the products are still in pristine condition.


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The idea of ‘Tu Perchita’ began in February 2016. Andrea and her husband developed the idea into something better every single day leading to its launch. One of Andrea’s friends suggested that she look into Freelancer.com for the plan to materialize. She followed the advice and signed up.


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With the assistance she received from Freelancer’s Recruiter Program, she immediately got down to business. Hiring Preferred Freelancer Julian Bagilet was the next thing she did and it was a decision she made without regret.


When Andrea wanted something done on her website, Julian was always there to deliver. “Julian was connected to the Freelancer chat almost 24 hours a day. He answered all my queries the minute he received them. We understood each other perfectly. Working with him was very easy. By chance, Julian is from Rosario, Argentina and we are from Buenos Aires; we communicated through the same language. The ease of conversation played a big role in the project,” Andrea mentioned.


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“Freelancer’s online support was great. The Recruiter Team was always present in assisting me in my operations on the website,” she added.


Championing User’s Online Experience


“This project made my business a reality since it’s based on the website. The heart of the business is the website. It was made possible with the help of Julian through Freelancer. Like Freelancer, ‘Tu Perchita’ involves no physical contact with the users. Both websites are means for transactions to be carried out with security and tranquility. Freelancer offers the Milestone feature, while ‘Tu Perchita’ offers a very strict quality check on its products. Both sites champion their beloved customers,” Andrea explained.


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Having Freelancer as your trump card in online selling will keep you ahead of the competition. Andrea and ‘Tu Perchita’ are well on their way to attaining success.


“We are happy with the results we received. Without a doubt, we will continue maintaining and developing the page with Julian, the Recruiter Team, and Freelancer at the forefront,”

~Andrea Pereira


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Publié 9 novembre, 2016

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