6 Growing Trends for Freelance Writers

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The freelance market continues to grow, and most companies are joining the bandwagon in outsourcing their writing needs. This is not surprising, considering that outsourced jobs offer more advantages for them in terms of costs and returns.

If you're a first time freelancer, you might have noticed that the writing approach to most freelance jobs isn't like what you might have been used to, especially if your experience comes mostly from working in the print publishing industry. You might have encountered terms such as content curating or analytics report. So, what to do?

As they say, the Internet has opened the floodgates to information. You need to take in as much information as possible in order to properly ease yourself to online freelance writing. Meanwhile, here are the six growing trends that you need to focus on when you get contracted for an online freelance writing job:

  1. The demand for content writers will continue to increase. Part of today's digital landscape is continuous website development, and this includes updated content. Most of the posted freelance jobs involve content writing and marketing, and this expansion also ties into increased rates and more leeway in terms of project flexibility. You can choose from a variety of long-term assignments and come up with a project that meets both you and your employer's criteria.
  2. Video blogs are everywhere. Micro-video blogging sites such as Vine and Instagram are here to stay, and millions of users continue to upload their videos every day. Evolving from just home-made uploaded videos dealing with everyday life, users now use video sites for their sales and marketing efforts. Rather than making their videos from scratch, they employ freelance writers to create and edit scripts for their video content.
  3. Networking is the buzzword. Established freelance writers continue to build on their success by outsourcing their awarded projects to other writers. It might be because the sudden influx of work is such that they can't keep up and need outside help, or they are building their portfolio as a Content Manager. Either way, widening your network of contacts gives you a higher chance of landing outsourced projects from other writers.
  4. Find and focus on your niche. For businesses to keep up with the competition, they need their content to stand out and be unique. Great content is noticed and gets read by the appropriate audience, and if you specialize in specific topics, your content will have more substance. Get suitable projects based on what interests you. You'll find more success writing about technology if you are into mobile devices, rather than bidding on a medical piece just because it pays more.
  5. Clickability is the name of the game for social media writers. As a popular platform, social media has turned into a trend all its own. Because of its ever-increasing popularity, most businesses are integrating social media into their marketing strategies, and are looking for writers who specialize in this medium. How do social media writers flourish in this niche? They write pieces that mostly evoke sentiment in readers. The way social media content is written, writers also focus on headlines -- most people on social media are always on the go, and if it's not appealing, it's highly unlikely to be clicked on, read, and shared.
  6. New media keeps on creating new types of content. Content marketing, search engine optimization, and most of the terms we read today did not exist ten years ago. The Internet has truly changed the landscape we live in today, and the new media and technologies (social media, mobile technology, the cloud, and the like) are opening new doors and require entirely new sets of writing styles. Examples of such are infographics writing, e-book reviewing, and ghost blogging. Study these, and you'll have no trouble finding work.

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