52 Influential Women In Digital Marketing: North Stars & Rising Stars

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Advertising has shifted from traditional channels to digital platforms since the creation of the internet. Brands have had to adapt to the change very fast, or get left behind. There are women who have stood out as authorities in digital marketing, leading teams of professionals in the field. Here are 52 of the most prominent female figures in digital marketing.

Susan Gilbert

An expert in social media marketing, online marketing, social media networking and trends; Susan is a founder, CEO and online book and marketing consultant at Online Promotion Success. She has been with the company since 2004 and has over 25 years marketing experience working with authors, speakers, coaches, experts, booksellers and entrepreneurs to grow their online sales.

She is the published author of How to Take Your Small Dog Everywhere and The Land of I Can, and a co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Coffee Bar.

Donna Moritz

A digital content strategist and international speaker based in Queensland, Australia, Donna is famous for her love of visual storytelling. She is a successful blogger, an experienced speaker and trainer, and a regular contributor for Entrepreneur magazine.

Alex Hisaka

Alex has extensive experience in copywriting, having worked with Salesforce, PayPal and other global brands. She is the Head of Global Marketing at LinkedIn. She also has expertise in design and marketing, as well as SEO and social marketing.

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is an SEO manager and consultant, online marketer and blogger at Moz. She is also an experienced speaker and author. She features among Forbes top 10 digital marketing specialists for 2015, and the top 50 online marketing influencers for 2016. Her experience in providing SEO services is global, having provided consultancy services to American, European and Latin-American companies.

Ann Handley

Ann Handley is a digital content creator and manager, a LinkedIn influencer and best-selling author. She is the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs. She has featured in Forbes magazine as one of its top 20 bloggers. She was formerly a columnist for Entrepreneur magazine.

Laura Fitton

Laura Fitton rightfully earned the title ‘Queen of Twitter’ due to her role as a founder of oneforty.com, and a co-author of Twitter for Dummies.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Kara Sandberg - the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook - started her online marketing career at Google, where she worked from 2001 to 2008. She was Google’s Vice President of Global Online Sales and Operations, where she was critical in developing innovating online advertising programs, a job she left to team up with Facebook.

Sheryl is the best-selling author of Lean In as well as the founder of a non-profit for women’s empowerment of the same name. She has criticized President Donald Trump’s anti-abortion efforts.

Amanda Maksymiw

This strong believer in the power of great content to drive growth is the Content Marketing Director at Fuze, with extensive experience in brand management, influential marketing and social media. Her strength is buyer-focused content creation.

Amanda Batista

Head of Global Content at Magento Commerce, the global leader in providing cloud commerce innovation that enables merchants to safely conduct business online. She has been with Magento Commerce since March 2017 after a successful career at Oracle Marketing Cloud, where she rose from Content Marketing Manager to Senior Manager in charge of data management platforms.

Alison Herzog

Alison is a Director of Global Social Business Strategy at Dell. A visionary in the field and an effective communicator, she is a passionate marketer. She is a recognized expert in digital marketing, customer experience, digital strategy, business strategy, employee engagement, social media marketing and marketing communications.

Amy Heiss

Amy enjoyed a successful career at Dell that lasted close to 14 years. She joined the company in 2004 as Training Development Manager and rose through the ranks to become the Director of Social Media Training and Activation, providing training and consulting to Dell’s employees. She has since moved to Charles Schwab, taking over as Marketing Vice President in charge of social networking and activation docket.

Amber Naslund

As the Senior Director of Industry Leadership at Hootsuite, Amber leads a global team of industry experts as they set the pace in digital transformation. She has over 15 years’ experience working with top brands such as Sysomos and SideraWorks. She is an expert in social media marketing, brand development, community management, entrepreneurship and marketing communications.

Amanda Brinkman

A veteran and visionary of digital marketing, Amanda is the Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe, The American International University in London. She has been a pacesetter with brands such as BMW, Sony and Virgin Mobile, and is a former contributing writer for Forbes Communications Council.

Aneta Hall

Working as the Digital Transformation and Change Management Leader at Wells Fargo Innovation Group, Aneta’s main focus is in enabling digital transformation in the workplace. She has a track record in introducing Fortune 500 companies to social media for business. She has coached other professionals in disruptive business changes and culture shifts brought about by social media, and digital marketing.

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Anthea S. Louie

The Vice President of Digital Business and Marketing at Symantec has over 20 years experience leading global marketing for top brands, such as Yahoo, Disney, SAP and Symantec. She has led brands to drive growth in highly competitive markets, and has stood out as an influencer and an inspiration to teams.

Barbara Young

An accomplished digital marketing professional, Barbara is the Senior Manager of Global Paid Search Advertising at Oracle. She is known for pushing both global brands and start-ups to success by leveraging emerging technology. She has successfully driven campaigns to increase traffic, and improve engagement with target audiences.

Becky Dziedzic

Becky has created and managed innovative communication programs for global brands for close to two decades. Currently the Internal and Executive Communications Director at Xerox, where she has worked since 2006, she has spearheaded communication, developing and implementing both internal and external messaging, including message development with major partners.

Emily Hutchinson

Director of Digital Marketing at Swanson Health Products, Emily has over 12 years’ experience in digital media, focusing on customer experience and analytics. She has had amazing results in driving up conversions.

Corinne Kovalsky

An award-winning digital marketing expert, Corinne is the Vice President of Global Public Relations at Western University. She has made a mark in executing strategic PR, and has experience in aerospace and airborne systems too.

Courtney Colwell

Courtney has over a decade of experience in brand development and social media marketing. She is currently the Director of Content Marketing at American Express, a position she has held since July 2014. She has worked with top brands such as Federation Media and Inc. Magazine.

Melanie Mitchell

A digital marketing leader and public speaker with over 15 years’ experience in spearheading innovative, cost-effective marketing strategies for both large and mid-size brands. Her influence has spanned different industries, including Microsoft, Pubcon and Digitas. The much sought-after global speaker and author has consistently pushed herself to improve as she solves big challenges.

Amy Schuster

Consumer Marketing Director at truTV, she has over a decade of experience in brand strategy, on-air digital marketing and social media marketing.

Lauren Salazar

Director of Social Media at Weight Watchers, she has experience in publishing and editorial work having worked with New York Magazine, Magazine Publishers of America, The New Yorker and Teen People Magazine.

Kerri Vogel

Director of Marketing Programs and Operations for the Americas at Hitachi Data Systems, she has extensive experience in leading high-performing marketing teams.

Debbie Barney

Vice President of Integrated Marketing at Hitachi Data Systems, she is a focused and experienced leader charged with leading high-performing data systems teams.

Caitlin Angeloff

Having previously owned her own social media agency, she is experienced in every area in marketing, with a special focus on technology.

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Jen Erickson

Jen is Director of Digital Marketing at DocuSign and has global advertising experience from Oracle, World Travel and other top brands.

Leslie Cozatt

Director of Marketing and Provider of Thought Leadership and Content Strategy at Optum, she has a track record as a team leader. She is an award-winning leader in marketing including new product launches and rebrands.

Karen Thomas-Smith

Chief Marketing Officer at Ciox Health, she has extensive experience in all areas of sales and marketing, and leading high-performing teams.

Emily Shannon

Digital Manager at Natures Way and previously Director of Digital at Mall of America, she has all-round experience in digital marketing and emerging technology.

Jill Renslow

SVP of Business Development and Marketing at Mall of America, she has transformed the image of the Mall through innovative online campaigns.

Laura-Ann Mitchell

Director of Digital at Cisco.com, she has 18 years’ experience with top brands such as Ab Tech Industries, Marconi, Intel and Vodavi Communications Systems. She has a track record in inspiring, influencing and developing others.

Marcia Hansen

Global Digital Marketing Strategist at Intel, she has extensive experience in digital marketing having worked with Verizon and other global brands.

Jennifer Heyman

Vice President of Digital and Social Media at Wells Fargo, a company she has been with since November 2009. She previously worked with Oracle, Charles Schwab and other global brands.

Lindsay Mueller

Senior Wellness Editor at mindbodygreen.com and formerly with Federated Media Publishing Inc., Lindsay has extensive editorial experience from different publications spanning close to a decade.

Katie Russ

Digital Marketing Manager at Pacifica Hotels, Katie has grown in her career, having led teams in different companies.


The internet has created new opportunities for marketers. As brands seek to grow their online presence, there will be more opportunities for those who focus on digital marketing. There are critical skills successful digital marketers require, which those emerging in the industry need to focus on developing.

Has your brand gone digital? We would like to hear about your online marketing experience. Leave your comment in the comments section below!

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