5 Home Improvements That Can Add Value to Your Property

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When it comes to carrying out home improvements, we all have different aims and goals. While some people have home improvements done for practical or functional reasons, others have them done to enhance comfort or aesthetics. However, another key benefit of having various improvements carried out is being able to add value to your home. This means that you can boost your equity levels and in the event you sell your home in the future, you could recoup some or even all of the cost of the work carried out through the increase in value.

Common Improvements That Can Boost Value

There are a number of common home improvements that can help boost the value of your property. Remember, not all improvements will add to the value of your home. For instance, decorating the interior will not add to the value, as this is simply an aesthetic improvement. But work that enhances practicality and comfort will usually be the ones that add to your property value. Some of the improvements that can help to do this include:

·        Double glazing: Double glazing can benefit your home in a number of ways. Not only does it offer enhanced and contemporary aesthetic appeal but it also retains warmth, reduce energy bills, reduce noise pollution, and increase security.

·        Central heating: Central heating provides a great way to heat the home without spending a fortune. It is not only more affordable but also far more effective than using gas and electric fires.

·        Conservatory installation: When you have a conservatory installed at your home, you will benefit in various ways. This provides you with a wonderful space for relaxing, enjoying the sunshine without the risk of burning, and even entertaining. It also helps to add to the practicality and appearance of your home.

·        Room conversion: Many people have unused spaces in their homes that they convert into create a usable room, such as a basement or attic area. This means that you can enjoy more space without having to uproot and up-size to a larger property.

·        Extension: While this is more costly than a room conversion, having an extension will enable you to add a while new section to your home, so you can create multiple additional rooms on both the upstairs and downstairs levels. This could mean turning your three-bedroom home into a five-bedroom one, which will inevitably add to the value of the home as well as provide you with a lot more space.

Increase Saleability as Well as Value

Another key point about these types of home improvements is that they will not only help boost the value of your property but also its saleability. Many people looking to purchase a home these days want to see that work such as double glazing and central heating has already been carried out. This means that improvements such as these could also help speed things up if you are looking to sell your home. 

Publié 1 septembre, 2015


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