3 Ways Pinterest Can Help Boost Your Freelance Business

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As a freelancer, one of the keys to success is getting your brand out there. You are probably using Facebook, Twitter, and Freelancer.com to promote your freelance business. But have you learned about the potential of Pinterest in marketing your services?

Last year, Pinterest reached its 150 million users mark. Since it was launched in 2010, Pinterest is now way beyond being a digital corkboard for craft and dinner ideas. It is now considered a marketing tool -- a pinteresting one!

pinterest freelance business boost

Here are three ways Pinterest can help you boost your freelance business:

Set yourself as a relevant specialist in your field

The key to making it in Pinterest is constantly sharing high-quality content for a specific niche. By doing so, you will not only set yourself as a relevant person in your field, but you would also present yourself to a more targeted client base.

It’s easier for people to trust you if you continue sharing your expertise about specific areas in your niche. Those who will be needing help will not hesitate to turn to you because they know you have full knowledge of the matter.

Learn what your audience wants to see

Pinterest is also a means to find out what your target clients need. To find out what matters to them, check out:

  • the most followed among your boards
  • the most pinned content
  • the search terms that show up when you type in a keyword in the search box

Knowing what people are looking for lets you tailor your services based on their demands. Offering the right services to the right people will give you a remarkable advantage.

Drive traffic to your site

Pinterest is known to drive traffic to blogs and websites. Draw more people in by linking pins to related content in your site. Again, the key here is to share relevant and high-quality content that will make your readers want to know you more and what you have to offer.

Tip: Integrate Pinterest with your other social media channels

Linking Pinterest to Facebook or Twitter doubles the social power of those integrated social media accounts. Every time you pin something new, it will update the linked channels too. This cross-promotion will help expand your content’s reach and target potential employers on more than one platform.

We’re also on Pinterest! Follow our boards and see more branding and freelancing pins you can save to help you grow your freelance business.


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