25 Ways to Empower Your Passion and Purpose

Passion is something you get excited about doing that sets your heart aflutter. Purpose is doing what you are passionate about to make a difference in the world around you.

You are fortunate if you’ve already identified your passions in life and you’ve been doing valuable things to realize your purpose. All you’ve got to do is hold on to it and keep up the enthusiasm. How do you keep being the ardent person that you are towards living a passion-filled and purposeful life?


Empowering your passion

1. Discover more. If you’re passionate about something, learning more about it comes easy. If visual art is your ultimate passion in life, be well-acquainted with its various disciplines.

2. Continue looking for inspiration. Read about people who attained huge success by following their passion. Think of Bill Gates and his passion for computers that made him into one of the world’s most recognized billionaires.

3. Find a mentor. Learn from somebody who shares the same passion as yours. Have regular catch ups if needed. Seeing your passion from another person’s perspective is a way for you to fuel your interest in it.

4. Support others. Be that someone who makes other people feel driven in pursuing their passion. But don’t feed them only with stories and advice they want to hear. You have to be truthful in giving them feedback.

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Empowering your purpose

6. Believe in it. Find it in your heart to believe that there is a reason you discovered your passion. Hold on to that belief and then find the meaning behind its existence.

7. Take actions. It shouldn’t end in believing. When you believe that you can do something that will benefit other people and you take steps to do it, that’s when your passion turns into a purpose.

8. Stop searching for the “one”. If you haven’t found your purpose yet, you should stop thinking first that you only have one purpose in life. Instead, live your passions. If you love writing, drawing, coding, and building mobile apps, follow these passion of yours and you will lead a purposeful life.

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10. Continue to bring joy. Find new ways to make other people find joy in what you can do for them. A purposeful life is about providing value for others while creating value for yourself.

How freelancers can empower themselves

11. Be brave in accepting big projects. Imagine how rewarding it would be to complete an important project. If you’re passionate about freelancing, finding the motivation to do bigger things will come easy.

12. Explore. Try new things. Learn to code if you’ve always been curious about coding. If you find data science as perplexing, why not take the challenge to know the basics? There could be more things you can add to your list of passions.

13. Share your knowledge. Being somebody else’s mentor is a rewarding role. If you can extend to people what you know and they will share what they’ve learned from you to others, you have created a web of knowledge.

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15. Celebrate every milestone. Reaching your monthly project goals, getting repeat clients, earning more than your projected quarterly income -- these are all big wins. Celebrating these milestones will remind you of your ability, hard work, and the drive to live on with your purpose.   

How entrepreneurs can empower themselves

16. Share your blessings. What else could be more empowering than giving back to the community? Fulfill your purpose for the greater good.

17. Have more meaningful collaborations. Nurture the connections you’ve built as those could branch out to a wider network. Allow us to tweak that women empowerment quote into this: Empowered people empower.

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19. Hold on to your grandest vision. If your purpose in life is to expand your business so you can provide more jobs for the people in your community, let that vision push you to do better.

20. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique. You exist because of a purpose only you can fulfill.

Quotes to live by

21. We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose. ~ Bob Goff

22. Purpose is what guides us. Passion is what drives us. ~ Her Happier, Healthier After

23. When you lead a passionate life you are living your life on purpose. To lead a purposeful life, follow your passions. Passion + Daily Action = Purposeful Life. ~ Shannon Kaiser

ways to empower your passion and purpose

25. Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. ~ Oprah Winfrey

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