13 Reasons Why You Should Write A Book As A Content Marketing Strategy

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Long before the internet was born, books were the most common form of writing around the world. Nowadays, book writing is not as highly revered as it was before - even some of the best content writers on the internet don’t have a single book to their name. However, if you truly want to be an influencer in your niche, then writing a book might just be the best content marketing strategy for your brand.

Here are 13 reasons why.

1. Promote yourself as an influencer

Unlike blog posts, books tend to make you an authority in your niche. People usually hold books in higher regard than blog posts, because of their rich content on that particular niche. Anyone can write a blog these days; a book will serve to set you apart from the rest as someone truly dedicated to your area.

2. Cement your audience

If you’ve already started writing a blog that has readers, what better way to cement their readership than by writing a book for them? Audiences can vary a lot and some might not read your book, but those who do are more likely to stay with you in the long run.

You will also be able to target audiences who are looking for quality and long-term engagement with your products and/or services.

3. Establish dominance

Millennials are said to read more than any other generation before them. However, the number of books published doesn’t reflect this. This means you can take advantage of this unexploited gap in the market, and publish content that will endear readers to your book.

Before you embark on this journey, make sure you properly research the content you want to write about.

4. Master your own niche

Book writing has its own advantages to you as a writer. You will be sharing your knowledge with the world, but you will also get a feel for the gaps in your own foundation. If you’ve ever had a hard time coming up with content for your blog posts then be prepared for an even tougher assignment ahead of you.

Once you’ve manage to complete the book, there’s a high probability you will have discovered tons of new information that you’d never heard before.

5. Confidence

There is nothing that gives you an ego boost as a writer quite like having a book to your name. Even if the reception for your book is not as anticipated, you will still get a feeling of satisfaction for having created one. This will also be a career highlight for you in your content writing career - especially if your book performs well.

6. Marketing potential

Books are a great source of marketing. They establish you as an authority and help you market on different levels. You can turn books into audio podcasts, post excerpts on your blog and even integrate video marketing. With the right kind of strategy, your book can help you market your brand, and attract more people to your content - even if they aren’t buying.

7. Create lasting content

Blogs and websites rarely last for more than 10 years, but published books tend to last for decades, if not centuries - that is the power of books. Given that you might make a lot of sales with your book, there’s a chance you can cement your name in history.

Even if you don’t get as many sales as anticipated, don’t be too concerned. Some of the most loved books today were not bestsellers when they were first published. They managed to garner more attention and a broader readership after a few years - or even decades!

8. Explore other people’s ideas through ghostwriting

You can also pay someone else to do the content writing for you in a ghostwriting capacity. There are thousands of freelancers who can do this for you. Ghostwriters take your ideas and instructions, and convert them into a book. It will be more of a collaborative effort since you will also rely on your writer’s creativity.

If you want to hire a ghostwriter, ensure that you get all your contracts and non-disclosure forms ready before work commences. This will help you to avoid any complications that may arise in the future.

9. Using your book as a gift

If you want to promote your brand and services through your site, then writing a book is a fantastic idea. Instead of selling the book to your visitors, you can give it to them as a free gift whenever they sign up. You can also gift it to your users as part of a bundle that is being sold. People will appreciate this gesture and even if they don’t read it, it gives them a sense of trust in your brand.

10. A compilation of your best work

A book is a great way of compiling your best work. It’s not necessary that you start from scratch when writing your book. You can make use of posts and images of past content that you might have published. This is also a great way of ensuring your book interests your audience. People might have a hard time remembering all the links to the pieces that you wrote, but your book will provide them with all of your best content at arm’s reach.

11. Explore the complex details

On average, blog posts have 500 to 1000 words. If you are covering a complex subject, you will have to reduce everything in order for your content to fit into this range. This might not be helpful to you or your readers in the long run, especially if you’re doing technical content writing.

A book allows you to explore the complexities of any given topic. It helps you to arrange all of your ideas into chapters, and give each one of these subjects the care and attention they deserve.

12. Credibility

Writing a book is not as easy as it may seem. In order for you to write a successful book you will need to do a great deal of in-depth research, interview people you consider experts and then sit down and come up with unique content.

This is not even half the work. Once you are done - which might take a long time - you will have to do further edits before you end up with the final product. You will also have to reach out to many potential influencers who can endorse your book.

Book content writing takes a lot of time and energy. However, you will gain credibility from your readers upon publishing simply because you’ll be among the few who have done so.

13. Initiate connections

Given the credibility that your book offers to your brand, you will also benefit from a whole new field of connections that may not have existed before. You might meet with some of these connections during the content writing phase. Your book is also bound to become a point of reference in your particular field, and many people will try to connect with you.

Your book will also help you as a writer and as an entrepreneur by bringing attention to you and your brand.


When it comes to content writing and marketing, book writing is a surefire way of bringing more attention to your brand. While you might invest a considerable amount of money and time in this project, the return is bound to be worthwhile.

Have you written a book, or are you thinking of writing one? Share your reasons in the comments section below!

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