11 Tips to Overcome Stress For A Graphic Designer

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11 Tips to Overcome Stress for a Graphic Designer

Becoming a graphic designer is one of the most exciting jobs in the world. It is a job where creativity meets intelligence. However, there are times in our lives when the things we enjoy become boring and stressful to us. This article will discuss how to handle that stress effectively, alongside your day-to-day routine.

As a designer, you have clients to deal with, deadlines to meet, and other challenging projects that may get you frustrated at times. All of these things can lead to mental challenges if not well managed. Here are some useful tips to handle stress and stay healthy as a graphic designer.

1. Figure out what's stressing you in your work

There is a popular saying, “When a problem is known, solving it becomes easier.” As a designer, you need to create enough time in your schedule to think about your work and figure out what's making you stressed. Is it the long hours in front of your computer? Maybe it is spending too much time working on projects. Perhaps you handle your projects in a haphazard manner. The individual causes of stress vary widely - you need to pinpoint the cause your life, and make adjustments to help you overcome it.

2. Have scheduled working hours and abide by them

Doing things haphazardly is an easy way to accumulate stress. Try to schedule your working hours, and don’t derail from them unless there is something urgent you must attend to. Working around the clock may sound as though you’ll produce results, but you may find that if you spend so much time designing, you may not produce anything meaningful. Long hours may come from being disorganized. If you are going to work well, set your hours and stick to them.

3. Get enough sleep

It is important to follow our schedule with good sleeping habits. Sleep is vital for a healthy body, because it helps the system recharge - which you need for high performance. When you get enough sleep, your brain becomes active and alert, which will contribute to delivering best results. Spending three hours on projects after a good sleep can be worth more than six hours without adequate sleep. Assign a reasonable number of hours for sleep, and see if this helps you combat stress.

4. Overcome your weaknesses by getting help from others

If you think you can do everything, then you must be ready to face a breakdown at some point in your life. Even if you think you know all, you should delegate a certain amount of responsibility to others.

As a designer, there are some projects that may look complicated and challenging. You don't have to take it on alone. Search for experts for that particular project, and ask them for help. This will make your job easier, and more enjoyable.

5. Don't make your project a burden to you

It is good to be hard working but don't go above your limit. You only create a burden for yourself when you accept too many projects, in an unrealistic timeframe. Don't over-stress yourself to beat a deadline. Be honest with your clients on what you can do at a particular time - as well as reducing your stress, this will avoid the unprofessionalism of failing to deliver high quality. Remember, you are meant to enjoy your job!

6. Spend time meditating

This is another great method to ease yourself of stress. Meditation not only reduces stress, but gives you the inspiration to function efficiently. Meditate on things that you love, things that give you joy, and think about your good past experiences. All these thoughts help to keep the mind in good shape, thus reducing stress and boosting performance.

7. Be organized in your dealings

Doing things without preparation will affect your performance, which will leave you stressed out. As a graphic designer, make it a habit to wake up as early as 5am to begin preparations for the day. Write out all the tasks you would like to execute, and set out time for each task. You will discover that even if you’re unable to achieve everything on your to-do list, about 80% will be done perfectly. The joy you derive from this will energize you, and keep you going.

8. Laugh

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”

Laughter releases hormones in your system that keep you refreshed. At particular intervals of your work time, find time to watch some comedy skits or movies that will make you laugh out loud. Put a call through to that humorous friend, and take a break with them.

9. Spend time with family and friends

Your family and friends form a large part of your life. Take time away from work and spend it with your family. Have a discussion with them. Reminisce about your childhood, and have dinner. This goes a long way in reducing stress.

Also, visit your friends and spend some time with them. Scroll through your phone and look for an old friend you have not heard from for a long time. Call them and catch up; see how much better you feel after you’ve spoken to them.

10. Enhance your work life by learning basic management skills

This is an excellent way to reduce stress from your work life. Get engaged in management skills that will help you balance your work and family life. There are different management courses available, both online and offline. Get yourself involved with one. Check out articles online that explain to you how to maximize your time.

11. Associate with fellow graphic designers

As a professional in any field, associating with your colleagues is a great way to enhance your life. Spending time with your colleagues can inspire new ideas, and keep you up to date on the latest developments in your field. This can increase motivation, and gives you the joy to overcome stress.

Stress is inevitable as a graphic designer. It can reduce your performance and make you frustrated with your work. Knowing how to overcome stress will not only make you more efficient, but will keep you sound and healthy. Following these 11 tips will go a long way in affecting your work life positively.

How do you manage stress in your life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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