11 Healthy Narcissism Traits That Drive Success

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Many hard-working individuals crave approval. The constant need for it is driven mainly by ego, and the human desire to feel valuable, important, successful, unique, powerful, and above all, loved. People use the word 'narcissism' all the time but mostly in a negative way, without fully understanding the meaning of the word. Generally speaking, the term is used to describe a self-absorbed, self-seeking person who puts their well-being as the top priority. The term comes from the Greek mythological story of a man, named Narcissus, who falls in love with himself after looking at his reflection in a pool of water.

But what does narcissism have to do with being successful?  Being narcissistic isn't as bad as everyone perceives it to be. Having narcissistic traits can lead to success, especially in business. The reason for this is that most narcissists will do everything in their power to avoid feelings of inferiority and criticism. Healthy feelings of inferiority can be a driving force for taking action, and regaining the sense of power. To avoid feeling powerless or inferior, you build up a drive that protects you from failing or becoming a disappointment. This impulse to boost your self-confidence can be a form of healthy narcissism. It is also a powerful motivating force that will drive you to constantly better yourself. Here are traits of healthy narcissism that can help you achieve success.

1) Be optimistic

Healthy narcissism demands that you always be optimistic in any situation, as it is a powerful tool when it comes to success. A person with a healthy ego will view challenges as temporary. Optimism gives a person the ability to overcome any problem they come across. When faced with hardship, think of your situation as a stepping stone to something even greater. A person with a good sense of healthy narcissism is an incurable optimist. They do not let anything or anyone get them down because they constantly look at the brighter side of life.

2) Be flexible

Individuals with healthy egos are flexible. They see very little need to be controlling or rigid when success is concerned. A healthy ego helps you accept that in business, things change every day. This way, you will be able to anticipate change and roll with it when it takes place. Being flexible, especially with shifting circumstances will make you a great problem-solver and negotiator. People with healthy egos make business deals that benefit all parties involved. When you are flexible, you will always be on the cutting edge of the business's learning curve.  Remember, the more flexible you are, the more in touch you will be with your instincts.

3) Be emotionally intelligent

A person with a healthy sense of narcissism knows better than to always complain. Someone who regularly vents about work ends up poisoning the morale of other co-workers. But if you have a healthy ego, it means you know who you are and the things that trigger negativity in your mind. However frustrated you might feel, always try to keep your emotions in check as you regulate your emotional state. A person with a healthy ego takes time to think. This ability will help you remain calm even when you have conflicting emotions, and allow you to speak from a great place of clarity and knowledge.

4) Be self-aware

Most individuals with healthy narcissism mirror some kind of comfortable yet quiet confidence. Be aware of your strengths and your weaknesses as well, and consider both to be important in regards to your wholeness. Keep in mind that you are not perfect, and have no intentions or expectations to be perfect. If you have a healthy ego, you will view yourself as a learner who is constantly growing. You will not be seduced into trying to be better than other people. Individuals who are self-aware set realistic goals and expectations comparative to their abilities. If you are self-aware you already know what sets you apart from others, and you have faith in your ideas and beliefs.

5) Earn approval instead

People with healthy narcissism do not work with a sense of entitlement. For you to reach the level of success you desire, you have to know you must earn it. A healthy narcissist is not resentful of efforts; instead, they are inspired to do better when they don't measure up. Be willing to take courses or learn more, sit down with people who can help guide you and take positive criticism as a tool that will help you improve.

6) Be collaborative

You don't have to push others down in the process of getting your needs met. Healthy narcissism is portraying a mature sense of self-confidence. If you have a healthy ego, you will have a balanced and conscious view of reciprocity. This will allow you to build and enter into business relationships that are mutually satisfying. You will not lose yourself in the opinions, pressures, or needs of other people.

7) Be respectful

Healthy narcissists believe that respect is the highest form of treatment. You should respect other people’s opinions and ideas despite how different they are from yours, even if you are not in support of them. Individuals with healthy narcissism do not approach work in a right-or-wrong, black-and-white fashion. When it comes to agreement, there are always grey areas. Find a middle ground. You can find a way to be firm about your opinions and ideas without disrespecting anyone. A person with a healthy ego shows respect to everyone, from the office cleaner to the company's CEO.

8) Be focused and goal-oriented

Healthy narcissism helps keep a person not only focused, but also goal oriented. A person with a healthy ego knows what is required of them, and can step up anytime without waiting to be asked. Once you have set your goals, make sure nothing comes along to halt your progress. People with healthy narcissism know what they want to achieve in life, and they don't stop at anything until they have achieved their goals.

9) Be a visionary

A healthy narcissist understands the real value of having a vision and what it means to see the big picture. A person with a great vision is more likely to succeed in business than someone who has none. Seeing the big picture is a great driving force because it motivates you to work hard and achieve more. A person with a healthy ego can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. In addition, their visions tend to be realistic and achievable.

10) Be firm

Despite being flexible you need to also know when not to bend. A healthy narcissist will not equate flexibility to getting taken advantage of, giving in, or pleasing others. People with healthy egos know how to say ‘no’ when they need to. You can't take that successful path if you don't have the guts to be firm. Having this kind of knowledge will get people to respect you. Individuals who are self-aware and self-confident will not tolerate people with devious motives, discourteous treatment users, or bullies.

11) Be a team player

Healthy narcissists are not selfish because they know the essence of being a team player. If you are selfish, you cannot be a good team player because the two can't co-exist. If you want to be successful, find joy in being part of a team. An individual with a healthy ego is one who values the success of his team as much as he values his individual success. Be ready to contribute to the team instead of riding on the coattails of the achievements of your fellow teammates.

You need to understand that not all narcissism is envious, undercutting, superior, or harmful. Healthy narcissism comes down to balance.  In the pursuit of success, too much narcissism can be as detrimental as too little narcissism. If you do not have a solid sense of confidence or who you are, you will become too fearful to succeed. Find the balance you need so you can use your self-confidence and healthy ego to make your business successful.

People have varied opinions about narcissism. Were we able to change your thoughts through this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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