10 Fresh Tools Every 2017 Successful Freelancer Must Have

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Freelancing is not an art everyone can excel at. Most people think of freelancers as a species of hard-work hating, sit at home individuals who perform cheap tasks online. Regardless of how appropriate this theory may seem, freelancing is one of the hardest nuts to crack in the modern world. According to industry surveys, almost 34% of the total U.S. workforce relies on freelancing as a profession. Despite the hardships suffered from a lack of steady income, losses due to unprofessional clients and unstructured work schedules, freelancing is attracting many individuals from across the world.

If an individual is interested in building a successful career out of freelancing, they must utilize a variety of online tools which address the various aspects of the freelancing business. Some of these efficiency-boosting, helpful tools include:

1. Collaboration/Live Video Chat: Tagove

Tagove is a revolutionary and innovative live chat software that enables a freelancer to provide live video assistance, chat and voice call support directly from their browser. The tool allows for co-browsing and facilitates screen-sharing between remote devices, which makes it possible to collaborate on projects live and in real-time without the need to download additional software. With a host of innovative features and reliable video calling support, Tagove enables freelancers to provide extensive support to their clients whenever it’s required.

2.   Visual Tool: VectorStock  

VectorStock is an exclusive portal for royalty-free images. It can help a freelance graphic designer find appropriate and royalty-free vectors, graphics and images. at affordable prices. Being a “go-to” tool for freelance graphic designers, VectorStock offers affordable packages for royalty-free photographs that help with designing high-quality graphics in little time. With an option for downloading existing vector designs as well as a large inspiration library, VectorStock is an ideal portal for any graphic designer.

3.  Project Management Tool: Trello

From time to time, a freelancer may be required to work on projects requiring collaboration with other individuals. To be successful, it is important to communicate with others in real-time and create a database of all important files. Trello, a highly-focused project management tool, helps both large teams and individual freelancers to manage projects, create timelines, provide updates and segregate projects based on deadlines using color-codes. Trello’s list-based approach helps freelancers efficiently manage work commitments.

4.   Scheduling & Insights Tool: Cushion

Cushion is an innovative tool which helps freelancers to predict unpredictable schedules and steady unreliable income. Cushion is an insights awareness tool that prepares freelancers by evening out their incomes and making their endeavor slightly more predictable by analyzing patterns and work schedules and then suggesting required actions to improve efficiency.

5.   Proposal Development Tool: Bidsketch

Freelancing relies upon reaching out to prospective clients and presenting insightful proposals they cannot turn down. Proposal development is an important task of the freelancing journey and Bidsketch helps by automatically creating proposals within minutes. Bidsketch has a large cache of proposal templates which can be customized. The tool allows the freelancer to track whether or not a client has viewed a proposal and how much time the client has spent reading it. It also enables instant deal signing without the mailing and acceptance hassles.

6.   Email Marketing Tool: Mixmax

Any freelancer who’s into digital marketing needs a reliable tool for conducting successful email marketing campaigns. Mixmax is a highly-reliable email marketing tool for creating impactful emails that integrate with Gmail, Google Inbox and Salesforce. It helps to track the viewer’s behavior, making it a powerful tool.

7.   Time Management Tool: RescueTime

When it comes to freelancing, time is money and freelancers must track the amount of time they spend on every task. Additionally, freelancers can occasionally get distracted due to the nature of their online =work. RescueTime helps by recording the amount of time spent on work and other activities performed while working. It also provides detailed reports of time spent on every website visited, which provides insights into time management throughout the day.

8.   Invoicing & Expense Tracking Tool: Sighted

Sighted is designed primarily for freelancers. It facilitates invoicing and expense tracking through a web-based and mobile-friendly portal. The tool integrates payment options, generates profit & loss reports and is easily customizable. The software can generate= professional-looking invoices for sending directly to clients.

9.   CRM Software: Streak

Another important aspect of freelancing is the ability to manage client communication. Streak is a tool which can be used for lead tracking, client expectation management, and project information management directly from Gmail inbox. The tool offers customized solutions that address business scale and requirements.

10.  Digital Note-Taking Tool: Evernote

Evernote assists with information organization, knowledge sharing, and essential data recording. It allows you to research and scribble down ideas as and when they arise. Available as a mobile app, Evernote facilitates note-taking and syncs across devices to equip the freelancer with the information needed on every device within his/her control.

Wrap up

Freelancers face multiple challenges while working on a variety of projects. They can easily find solutions to emerging issues with the help of online tools and resources. These allow the freelancer to achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness when doing their job. When a freelancer begins to see a steady flow of increased income and a development of trust with clients, it makes their job and their life easier. These tools, as well as others, can help the freelancer to scale heights and become one of the highest paid freelancers in the world yet still find time for a personal life.

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